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About RISE

What is RISE?
RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment)® is a national not-for-profit trade association representing producers and suppliers of specialty pesticides and fertilizers. Established in 1991, RISE serves as a resource and advocate on pesticides and fertilizers and provides current and accurate information on issues and research affecting the industry. The association also monitors legislative and regulatory issues in Washington, D.C. and in the states.

What are specialty pesticides?
Specialty pesticides are pest management tools used to protect health and safety as well as enhance the quality of life and the environment. Specialty pesticide products as well as fertilizers are used in and around homes, businesses and public areas; on lawns, flowers and trees; in commercial greenhouses and nurseries; on sports turf including golf courses; and for vegetation management in water, along roadways, railroads and utility rights-of-ways. The problems caused by plant diseases as well as pests such as cockroaches, termites, fire ants, mosquitoes, weeds and rodents, call for the safe and responsible use of pesticides. Without pesticides, pests pose a serious health and safety risk to children and adults and can cause serious damage to homes and structures.

What are specialty fertilizers?
Specialty fertilizers provide essential plant nutrients, including micronutrients. These products are formulated to deliver the optimal amount of nutrients to plants to promote healthy and vigorous growth. Healthy plants are better able to withstand environmental stresses like drought, insect infestations, disease, weeds, air and water pollution and overuse. The safe and responsible use of specialty fertilizers improves our environment by promoting the vigorous growth of desirable plants.

Who Are RISE Members?
RISE members are basic manufacturers, formulators, distributors and others involved with specialty pesticides and fertilizers used for professional applications and general consumer use through retail outlets. The industry served by RISE is comprised of seven major segments:

1. Structural Pest Control -pesticides used to control termites, fleas, carpenter ants, rodents & cockroaches to lessen threats to human health and risk of structural damage.

2. Turf and Ornamental -pest management products and fertilizers used to promote healthy turfgrass and landscaping.

3. Vegetation Management -pesticides to control noxious weeds and brush along roads, railroad rights-of-way and public utilities. Fertilization for encouragement of desirable vegetation and turf.

4. Nursery and Greenhouse - pesticides, sometimes used with fertilizers, to protect and enhance commercially grown shrubs, trees and plants from weeds and insects.

5. Forestry - Specialty pesticides and fertilizers are used to control undesirable vegetation and enhance tree growth, thus reducing the chance of wildfire and improving the quality of the forest.

6. Aquatics - products used to keep weeds from choking lakes, rivers and streams, and to protect human lives.

7. Public Health - products that control mosquitoes and ticks as well as other carriers or transmitters of infections, disease or human allergens.

What does RISE do?
RISE is a resource to the media and key influencers. RISE provides journalists and others such as Extension agents with current and accurate information on key pesticide and fertilizer issues. The association provides industry viewpoints from its members, as well as legislative viewpoints through its work with legislators and regulators in Washington and in states. RISE has news releases, fact sheets and other valuable information posted on its web site at www.pestfacts.org.

RISE communicates with legislators. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., RISE staff provides information to key lawmakers whose decisions affect the entire industry. RISE educates legislators about the benefits of specialty pesticide and fertilizer use and the risks posed by pests, that left untreated can cause serious health and safety threats.

RISE works with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). RISE has an excellent working relationship with the EPA and is a resource for the Agency. RISE and EPA have also worked together on projects such as the Consumer Labeling Initiative, a campaign encouraging people to read and follow household product labels (including pesticides) before using.

RISE teams up with other national industry associations. RISE allies itself with an array of groups serving the pest management and fertilizer industry. A few include:

  • Golf Course Superintendents of America
  • National Arborist Association
  • National Pest Management Association
  • Professional Lawn Care Association of America
  • National Roadside Vegetation Management Association
  • Mountain Lakes Vegetation Management Society
  • State turf, ornamental and vegetation management associations
  • State fertilizer associations
  • State agribusiness association